First Promise For Customer: Towing Service

October 3, 2016

Towing is one of the services that can be very helpful in tough times wherevehicle we are not mistaken, damage due to accidents.

zap 250

Overseeing the needs, we include Towing Services as one of our promises in the ZAP 250 program. However, let us show you how we actually tried to commit on this promise:

1. Please let us know:

Our ZAP 250 program, only applies if the customer directly contact the Customer Care Center (CCC) at 021 255 35 255. We call this the as notification step

2. What should be done in notification steps.

When one of our CCC  officers answer your call, please make sure you provide this critical information as clearly as possible:

  • Your policy number

    This is necessary to obtain information on the type of protection in your policy. Our officers will ask several questions to confirm the information in our database.

  • The cause of damage to your vehicle

    Our towing services provided only for reasons that is related to an accident, therefore, we need to check to see if your policy offers this benefit. If it turns out to be no, you still be able to get towing services at your own expense, and the ZAP program 250 would still apply to this case.

  • The exact location of your vehicle

    If you do not know the exact location or the address, any benchmark that is closest to your location is sufficient.

3. When the time calculation begins

If you have already taken various steps above, and our CCC officers have noted all the required details, the technician will say "Thank you for your call, our towing services will arrive within two hours starting from (clock time)" and ending Your calls. This is the time when the timer is started, and if within 2 hours you do not see a tow truck come to you, please let us know and we will give you compensation in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to 250 ZAP program.

To see other promises as well as the terms and conditions applicable in general, in visit our website at, or contact our Customer Care Center at 021 255 35 255.

Because the promise is something that needs to be proven, ZAP 250.