Bringing out the Best in You

Learning and development

We believe that supporting individual growth and development puts us in the best position to deliver for our customers and helps us to attract and retain talent.  Regardless of role or organizational level, everyone has the right to realize their potential. Zurich ensures access to a range of development opportunities, ranging from short courses on specific skills, a full suite of virtual and distance learning through to management, leadership and talent programmes.
All employees are encouraged to own their Individual Development Plan.

Performance Management

Our group-wide Performance Management System ensures a consistent approach to managing employees’ performance and development. It supports the alignment of individual and business objectives, enabling performance ratings to be comparable across the global organization.

Competitive Compensation

At Zurich we are committed to providing competitive total compensation opportunities that attract, retain, motivate and reward our people to deliver outstanding performance in the eyes of our customers and shareholders.

Our compensation philosophy is an integral part of our offering to employees. We have a clearly defined performance management process which supports our overall business strategy and plans and links individual pay with business and personal performance. This is delivered through the compensation framework overseen by the Group Executive Committee and the Remuneration Committee of the Board.

If you are offered a position at Zurich, you will also be offered competitive, total compensation opportunities in line with our expectation that you will create value in the eyes of our customers and shareholders.

Our clearly defined global performance management process aligns with and supports our global business strategy and plans and links individual pay with business and personal performance.

Career Development

Expand your experience

If you join Zurich, we will help you turn your knowledge into insight and develop you to reach your professional potential.
The bottom line is Zurich recognizes that engaging and motivating everyone to be a powerful force in driving the organization forward is critical to success.

Every employee in business has unique talents to offer and individual development plans help make the most of these.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a key ingredient of our strategy. It is about sustainable value creation, one of our core values, as set out in our code of conduct. We aim to create sustainable value for each of our main stakeholder groups by addressing relevant environmental, social and governance issues. Our seven focus areas are:

  • Helping communities reduce the impact of floods
  • Investing financial assets responsibly
  • Ensuring responsible and sustainable business practices
  • Investing in communities
  • Taking care of the environment
  • Responsible sourcing and procurement
  • Diversity and inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion


People are Zurich’s most important asset. We empower diverse talent, benefiting from different perspectives and ideas that mirror our customers. This isn’t just a nice to have, it is a business imperative. We work on the fundamentals to equip our leaders and employees with knowledge and capability to leverage Diversity and Inclusion to positively impact the customer, shareholder and employee experience.

Respectful work environment

Our Group's code of conduct outlines a set of key behaviors to guide and inspire all our employees in day-to-day routine around the globe.

Zurich Basics is built around the recognition that everything we do is in accordance with the highest ethical, legal and professional standards. 

It defines how we do business consistent with our five basic values:  Integrity, Customer centricity, Teamwork, Excellence and Sustainable value creation. 

Together with the Zurich Commitment, Zurich Basics forms the ethical foundation of our company. It governs our behavior towards our customers, stakeholders, shareholders, our peers and our environment.

Equal opportunities

Having a diverse workforce helps us fulfill our commitments to our employees and our clients. Our success relies on treating all of our employees and clients with equal respect. We are also committed to diversity and inclusion outside the corporate sphere by sponsoring public events and supporting external advocacy groups.

International mobility principles

International mobility plays an important role in achieving Zurich's business and people-related objectives. The international mobility program is helping employees work on both short and long term assignments in different countries and different cultures.

Zurich is careful to transfer the right people for the right reasons, and the international mobility policy and principles provide a strategic framework for the management of internationally mobile employees. This framework ensures a fair and consistent process for career management and compensation for employees and their families as they move from one country to another.

You can expect to experience an inclusive culture, and to work with professionals from many different backgrounds applying a variety of experiences in their daily work. Leaders are expected to value difference and give everyone a chance to do their best work. Zurich's global performance system is designed to support in this because we know that leveraging the many talents of a diverse workforce helps make profitable growth a reality.


Charity & Volunteering

Go the extra mile when it matters

From serving customers to working for the good of local and global communities, Zurich people have created a culture of going the extra mile.

When you join Zurich, you'll join a community of people who play a responsible and caring role within our communities. Throughout the organization and across the world, many people devote time, money and energy to supporting others.

People who care

Ask employees around the world what makes Zurich different and the typical response is 'the people'. Our customers everywhere have experienced the care with which our people respond to their plight in catastrophic situations.

There are many strong examples of Zurich and its people 'being there' for customers and the community.