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    Have you ever met a company that stands more than 100 years? Zurich was founded in 1872, located in 170 countries, with different challenges. Zurich is protecting various aspects of life of its customers, whether an individuals, small businesses, medium to large enterprises, including multinational companies and also including your trip.
    When traveling can be a story too in the future, the story also comes with some difficulties or unexpected things, how to deal with such situations? 
    A Holiday should be fun to remember. But, what if it does not happens as expected? What if you are sick, your luggage is lost or your flight is canceled, of course Zurich travel insurance can help.

    We are very proud of the precision and very fast response. In addition, we are committed to protect you up to USD 100,000 as the Protection of Personal Accident and medical expenses to USD 100,000. Zurich also apply corporate values in running the business.

    We always been a company that treats all customers fairly and openly, customer satisfaction, as you know we are a global company that puts the wishes of its customers. In addition, we maintain the standards of corporate responsibility remains high by mapping the environmental, social and governance issues and for long-term expediency.
    Zurich is committed to protecting you with several benefits when you purchase travel insurance products of Zurich as follows:

    1. Protecting travel and business trips.
    2. Protect the journey by land, sea, or air.
    3. Provide benefits for medical expenses to USD 100,000.
    4. Provide personal accident protection benefit of up to USD 100,000.
    5. The maximum compensation of up to 250% family policy.
    6. There is no age limit. Quickly and easy claim process.
    7. Contact Zurich to get travel insurance at +62 21 255 35 255 or purchase online in four quick and easy steps here.

    Have a nice trip!

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