Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee is intended to indemnify you if you sustain direct pecuniary loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty committed by your Employee as described in your policy.

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    Property which are insured

    We will indemnify your pecuniary loss directly resulting from fraud or dishonesty committed by your Employees described in the policy, during :

    • The Period of Insurance
    • Uninterrupted employment of such Employee
    • While the employee is employed in the Capacity described in your policy.

    Discovery Period

    We will only be liable if such act of fraud or dishonesty is discovered during:

    • The Period of Insurance
    • Within three months of the end of your policy
    • Within six months after the death, dismissal, resignation or retirement of the Employee
    • Whichever occurs earliest

    Perils which are not insured

    Unless you and Zurich have specifically agreed otherwise, we are not liable to loss caused directly or indirectly by the perils listed below. This is a summary only of the excluded perils. You should read the policy wording for more details:

    • Non-disclosure or misinterpretation
    • If the precautions and checks for securing the accuracy of accounts and limiting the amount of monies entrusted to any one Employee at any one time are not observed
    • Changes in employment terms of Employee not previously agreed by Zurich
    • Repeated act of fraud or dishonesty of the same Employee after the initial act has been discovered by you
    • More than one claim in respect of the same Employee
    • War, terrorism, software malfunction

    Your policy does not insure loss resulting from the interruption of your business.

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