Fire insurance is intended to indemnify you if property which you have chosen to insure is damaged or destroyed by fire or by another peril mentioned in your policy.

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    Property which is insured
    The property which you have chosen to insure will be stated in the schedule of the policy. The property you insure should be property owned by you or for which you are legally responsible. This may include your buildings or the contents of your buildings or both. You may also want to insure specific items of property. You should agree before your insurance begins.

    Perils which are insured
    Unless you and Zurich have specifically agreed otherwise, your property is insured against destruction or damage caused directly by the perils listed below. This is a summary only of the perils. You should read the policy wording for more details.

    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion of your property insured
    • Bursting of your insured pressurised equipment
    • Impact of falling aircraft or objects falling from an aircraft
    • Smoke from the burning of your insured property.

    If fire caused by spontaneous combustion or by electrical short circuit, the property where the fire starts is not insured but subsequent damage to other property is insured. You may, with Zurich's agreement, be able to extend your policy to cober destruction or damage by other perils.

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