Marine Cargo Insurance

Covering your cargo against unexpected incident whilst it is being delivered.

  • Why should I choose this plan


    There are three types of marine cargo policy:

    Policy Type Policy Purpose Who Need It
    Single Shipment To cover your single shipment / one off shipment. Organization /  person with very low valume of instances of sending goods.
    Marine Open Policy (MOP) - Annual or Always Open Policy To cover all your shipment made within the MOP period. Organization with high volume of instances of sending goods.
    Marine Project Cargo To cover shipment of cargoes related to your project from the start date until it is finished. Organization which is involved in a construction project.



    What you are insured for?
    There are three basic covers which provide different options for you to choose from, according to your needs:

    Institute Cargo Clause (A) 1/1/82, cl. 252  Provides the widest cover and is also most expensive
    Institute Cargo Clause (B) 1/1/82, cl. 253  Provides less cover and costs less
    Institute Cargo Clause (C) 1/1/82, cl. 254  Provides a limited basic cover at a minimum cost.
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