Workmen Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance provides insurance against the responsibility of the Employer to provide compensation to their employees or their heirs in connection with an accident that occurred in the period of coverage.

  • Why should I choose this plan

    Guaranteed benefits

    Guarantees and benefits contained in this document is not an in-depth description / complete. You are expected to read and Policy Wording Policy Summary to determine the guarantees and benefits, limitations, terms and conditions that apply carefully.

    You are also expected to read the exclusions apply. Zurich will guarantee the Employer of the consequences liable to indemnify the employee or his heirs, in connection with an accident that occurred during the insured under this insurance on condition that the employee (based on contract work or when carrying out multiple jobs) employed by the Employer.

    Applicability of the Policy Period

    Effective date and the expiration of the policy listed in the summary of policies and both of those are included in the coverage.

    How big is the premium you have to pay?

    The premium you have to pay to get insurance coverage, has been set in your policy overview. The premium amount is determined by taking into account and consider a few things that can affect the risk to be our responsibility.

    It is important for you to know clearly that the difference in the premium associated with the information we receive about you and we will bear the risks. The higher the risk, the higher the premium charged.

    In this product, there are several factors that will be considered as consideration are as follows:

    • Type of business;
    • Total estimated annual salary of all employees;
    • Number of employees (including office / job description for each employee);
    • Citizenship employees;
    • Geographical Boundaries / jurisdiction;
    • The losses it had suffered.

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