Perisai Protection

Perisai Protection provides free coverage on Accidental Death Benefit to ensure your family future and maintain the quality of their life if something happens to your life.

  • Why should I choose this plan

    Perisai Protection provides Sum Assured if the Insured die due to Accident. This product is free for Zurich Topas Life  Customer who downloaded Zurich Topas Life mobile application.

    "Teman Baik" mobile application can be downloaded through this link here for android version and click  here for IOS version.

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  • How does this plan works

    Coverage Term

    1 month to 1 year

    Maximum Age covered

    until the insured reaches the age of 75 years

    Underwriting Method

    Guaranteed Acceptance

    Sum Assured

    Maximum IDR 100 Million

  • Who's eligible for this plan
    Entry Age: 1-74 years old
  • $name

Perisai Protection

Perisai Protection

Perisai Protection

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