MahaCita Protection

An optimum protection and investments

MahaCita Protection is a life insurance product offer  by  PT Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) which provides you  protection to the insured life up to 100 years and provides you an attractive and optimal investment opportunities.
  • Why should I choose this plan?

    MahaCita Protection provides two major benefits:

    1. Death Benefit

    Death Benefit as the amount of sum assured if the Insured died during the period of insurance.

    2. Investment Benefit 

    Investment Benefit  as the Fund Value (if any), which is the value of unit balance formed in policy, based on the multiplication between Unit price with the number of units held on certain time. Unit prices may increase or decrease depends on the investment performance. There’s value of investment performance cannot be guaranteed.

    The Excellence of MahaCita Protection

    • Investment starts at the first year of the policy. Optimal allocation of investment with 50% premium basic invested from the first year of policy and 100% basic premium invested in the second year of the policy and onwards.
    • Loyalty Bonus for our loyal customers who consistently paying basic premium, with Extra Loyalty Bonus around 5% on the Investment value from the basic premium that you pay, start from the sixth year and onwards.
    • Guarantee that your policy is constantly active during the first 5 years of policy even when the investment value is not sufficient enough to pay the incurred cost, applicable to the corresponding MahaCita Protection policy provisions.
    • Complete Protection with Riders. MahaCita Protection comes with 7 riders to complete the protection in accordance to meet the needs of you and your  family.
  • Additional Benefit


    • Maha Accident Death Benefit

     Provide your family with compensation in the form of funds if accident that causes death occur.


    • Maha H&S (Hospital & Surgery)

      Provides life protection and comprehensive healthcare to those that include treatment for both domestic and abroad with cashless facility or reimbursement, in the form of death benefit, reimbursement of hospitalization, the replacement cost of surgery with or without hospitalization. The refund due to a decrease in the cost of the rooms of plan is chosen, the protection of one of the 10 types of critical illnesses and reimbursement of outpatient and dental due to accident.


    • MahaCritical Illness Plus and Maha Critical Illness Plus 85

      Provide compensation in the form of funds if you are diagnosed with one of the 44 types of critical illnesses that we cover. Critical Illness Benefit Illness Plus & Critical 85 does not reduce the sum insured Basic Insurance. Critical Illness Plus is available in a choice of 2 protection period, for example until the age of 65 years and 85 years.
    • Maha CI (Critical Illness) Early Care

      Provides benefit if you are diagnosed with one of the 32 disease crisis early stages that is equal to 50% of the sum insured Maha CI Plus or Maha CI Plus 85 along with the added benefit of others, namely Benefit Diagnosis of Early Rp 10 million, Benefit Period Treatment monthly Rp 3 million per month for 1 year along with the benefits of the Recovery Period of Rp 3 million per year for 5 years to grow by 15% per year.


    • Maha Waiver of Premium Plus

      Continuing payment of Basic Premium and Regular Premium Top Up until you are 70 years of age in case of Total & Permanent Disability due to illness or accident or diagnosed with one of the 43 types of critical illnesses that we cover.
    • Maha Parent Payor

      If the policyholder as the parents of the Insured diagnosed with one of the 43 types of critical illnesses that we cover, experienced Total & Permanent Disability or death, we will continue to pay Elementary premiums until the insured reach the age of 25 years old or policyholder aged reach the age of 65 years old , whichever occurs first.
  • Investment options

    In addition of our comprehensive protection, MahaCita Protection from Zurich Topas Life  also provide optimal investment results through long term investment opportunities that meet the needs at each stage of your life. There are 5 choices of investment funds that can be chosen according to your profile and investment objectives.

    Option Type of Investment Funds:

    • ZurichLink Rupiah Money Market Fund
      This fund aims to provide a rate of return on investment that  is relatively stable through investment in money market instruments as well as lower levels of risk through placement diversification of money market instruments that are selectively chosen.
    • ZurichLink Rupiah Fixed Income Fund
      This fund aims to provide an attractive rate of return on investment with an emphasis on medium to long-term capital stability.
    • ZurichLink Rupiah Flexible Fund
      This fund aims to obtain long-term capital growth by actively managing the portfolio of stocks, bonds and money markets.
    • ZurichLink Rupiah Equity Fund
      This fund aims to obtain long-term capital growth by actively managing portfolio of stocks.
    • ZurichLink Amani Rupiah Equity Fund
      This fund aims to obtain long-term capital growth by actively managing the portfolio stock and money market Sharia based.
  • Who's Eligible for this plan
    Insured Entry age
     : 15 days - 69 years old (last birthday) 
    Policyholders Entry age   : 18 - 99 years old


  • Our Partner
    Bank Mayapada International Tbk.

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