Zurich Investa Plus

Zurich Investa Plus

A Commitment for Lifetime Protection

A Commitment for Lifetime Protection 

Zurich Topas Life present you Zurich Investa Plus, a unit link insurance that combines the protection of protection and optimum potential for investment. 

Why should I choose this plan?

The main benefit of Zurich Investra Plus are: 

  • Investment Benefit
    We provide five selected funds that you could choose based on your risk profile. 

  • Loyalty Bonus
    Every five years, you will receive 2% additional bonus based on the total value of your investment fund. 

  • Flexibility
    You could maximized your investment growth through regular Ad Hoc Top Up. You could also adjust your preferred risk profile with your chosen investment fund at anytime and without any additional cost. While to enhance your protection you could add more riders. 

  • Protection
    We will provide 125% Sum Assured from the Single Premium payable for death benefit. 

  • Riders
    For the best protection, you could add more riders for extra protection. 

Additional Benefit

Beside, the main benefit we mention above, you could also receive other benefit such as:

  • ZIP Critical Illness Plus (CI Plus)
    Provide you additional compensation if you are diagnosed with one out 44 Critical Illness that we cover, before you’re turning 65 years old. 
  • ZIP Critical Illness Plus 85 (CI Plus 85)
    Provide you the compensation if you are diagnosed with one out of the 44 Critical Illness that we cover, before you are turning 85 years old. 
  • ZIP CI Early Care
    Provide you with additional benefit if the Insured diagnosed with one of the 32 critical illness in the early stage before turning 65 years old, 50% Sum Assured of the ZIP CI Plus along with benefit of Early Diagnose of Rp 10 million.
  • ZIP Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
    Provide you additional in case the Insured died from accident. 

  • Zurich H&S Plus
    Provide extra life insurance and health benefit that will be comprehensive for Insured including medical treatment within the country or outside the country with cashless facility or reimbursement. 

Options of investment funds 

  • ZurichLink Rupiah Flexible Fund
    This fund consist a good balance of stock, bonds and money market.

  • ZurichLink Rupiah Equity Fund
    This fund provide high return for long term investment view as the fund are highly focus in equities for higher return.

  • ZurichLink Rupiah Amani Equity Fund
    This fund provide high return for long term investment view as the fund are highly focus in higher return based on Sharia principle.

  • ZurichLink Rupiah Fixed Income Fund
    This fund is aim to provide you with stable investment return through money market and minimize the risk through diversification through money market selected selective instrument. Consist of selected bonds which provide regular return. This funds suitable for steady investment return with medium to long term view of investment horizon. 

  • ZurichLink Rupiah Money Market Fund
    Money market fund are regarded as being the safest mutual funds with the lowest funds risk yet providing a higher yield. 

Who's Eligible for this plan

Insured Entry age
 : 15 day - 69 years old (last birthday) 
Policyholders Entry age   : 18 - 99 years old  


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