Zurich Pro-Fit 8

Shape your future with rewards along the way

Zurich Protection & Benefit 8 or Zurich Pro-Fit 8 is an endowment plan that offers you the dual advantage of guaranteed benefits and potential investment gains to help you plan for a better future.
  • What Benefit do I get

    With Zurich Pro-Fit 8, you can enjoy the following benefits :

    Short term commitment and enjoy long term benefits

    Pay premiums for only 8 years to enjoy 20 years of long term cash saving and protection.

    Security of guaranteed annual cash back that grows your savings

    Having a certainty of cash back will help you better plan towards your financial aspirations. You will receive guaranteed annual cash back over the life of the plan. These pay outs will add up to 120% of your policy's basic sum assured over the plan term. With details as follow :

    End of Policy year Guaranteed Cash Back (% of Sum Assured)
    Tahun ke 1-10 4%
    Tahun Ke 11 - 20 8 %
    Total (Tahun Polis 1 - 20) 120%


    Peace of mind that there will be a sum of money in the future

    At maturity this plan will give you a guaranteed lump sum amount at maturity of 170% of the basic sum assured.

    Potential investment gains to help boost your funds further.

    For Optimal Investment result, 40% of the total premiums paid are allocated into ZURICHLINK Rupiah Equity Fund. The premium will be invested into a professionally managed investment-linked funds giving potential for future investment gains.

    Stay protected as you watch your savings grow.

    Apart from financial gains, Zurich Pro-Fit 8 also covers you against the unexpected. Should death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) occur, this plan will pay out a cash benefit to your dependents to help secure their financial future.

  • Investment Options
    For you with the high risk preference, we allocated your Premium into :

    ZurichLink Rupiah Equity Fund
    This fund aims to obtain long-term capital growth by actively managing the portfolio on a stock.
  • Who's Eligible for this plan
    Insured Entry age  : 15 days - 59 years (last birthday) 
    Policyholders Entry age   : 18 years - 99 years 


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