Comprehensive TLO

Comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO) is an insurance that provides all-inclusive protection for your vehicles

  • Additional Benefit

    Additional Benefit on this policy:

    Authorized Workshop, providing services in Authorized Workshop (ATPM). Applicable for new car or vehicle with maximum age 3 years. For this feature, we will charge you an additional premium.

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    Guaranteed Benefits

    The principal covers and benefits are shown on the following pages. These are not exhaustive descriptions of the covers and benefits provided by this product.
    You should read the Policy Wording and Policy Schedule to know the details of covers and benefits available, any limits which apply and the terms and conditions that apply.

    You should also read any exclusions that apply.


    Basic Coverage



    Provides protection for damage / loss to the vehicle due to collision, impact, overturning, skidding, falling into, malicious act, theft, accident, fire.


    Total Loss Only
    Provides protection from the risk of loss due to theft, fire, or accident that caused damage over 75% of the value of the vehicle.


    Extended Coverage 


    Riot, Strike, Civil Commotion, Terrorism, and Sabotage (RSCCTS). 


    Earthquake, Tsunami, and/or Volcanic Eruption (EQVET).
     5.  Typhoon, Storm, Hail, Flood, and / or Landslide (TFSWD).


    Additional Extended Coverage


    Third Party Liability


    Passenger Legal Liability


    Personal Accident for Driver


    Personal Accident for Passenger  

Comprehensive TLO

Comprehensive TLO

Comprehensive TLO

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