Flood Resilience Innovation Challenge

Floods cause more damage than other natural disasters in the world and can cause some substantial losses in both, social and humanitarian sectors. According UNISDR statistical data, during the last 20 years, flood impacted 2.3 billion people, where 95% of the victims live in Asia. Globally, the economic losses caused by disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, cyclones and floods, amounted to an average of US billion to US Billion annually. Indonesia has experienced 141 disaster recorded between the years 2005 to 2014, with an estimate financial burden around USD 11 billion.

There is some recognition appear that an alternative and new approach are needed to fulfill the complex and evolving needs. To achieve the outcomes of a better life requires the efforts of collaboration between different and new actors to contribute on providing e their thought and solutions to face various challenges.

In the local context, the Indonesian civil society is developing an innovative solutions for many problems. Sharing ideas and experiences that has never seen before to the next level could be possible with technology. To make it real, the innovators should work hard to achieve the recognition and support. Therefore, Palang Merah and Bulan Sabit Merah movement, together with its partners seeks to discover and support new approaches to meet the humanitarian needs, development and to ensure the affected local communities to lead the process.

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