Win Amazing Trip From Zurich Pro-Fit 8

For Our Customer, we provide special campaign as follow :

 Prize Types  Periods  Prizes
 Direct Prizes   Nov 28 '16 - Jan 31 '17
  •  Top Up Bonus: 8% of Annual Basic
  •  Shopping Voucher: 8% of Annual Basic Premium
 Lottery Prizes   Nov 28 '16 - Jan 31 '17  Holiday Trip to Japan with partners for 3 winners


Direct gift will applied for any submission of Zurich Pro-Fit 8 application by prospective Policy Holders by 31st January 2017 and Policy issued by the latest 28 February 2017. Submission of Zurich Pro-Fit 8 application must include Customer Consent Form that have been signed by prospective Policy Holders. 

A. APE calculation is based on basic premium, not including Ad Hoc Top Up.

B. Bonus Top Up treated as Saver only for 1st year policy and will be given as an unit allocated in Zurich Pro-Fit 8 investment fund. 

C. Bonus Top Up will be given to Policy Holders once the policy passed the free look period since the policy issued.E. 

D. Unit allocation from Bonus Top Up will be allocated in the Zurich investment Fund which is Zurichlink Rupiah Equity Fund as stated in the application.

E. Partial/full withdrawal or surrender of investment value from saver account is not allowed for 7 (seven) years since policy issued. 

F. When the policy lapse during the first 12 months since policy issued because of Policy Holders didn’t pay the premium or any other things, then Zurich will pay investment value (if any) less the Bonus Top Up value, Shopping Voucher value and others cost as stated in the policy at the latest 90 (ninety) days after the policy lapse.

G. If the insured dies, Zurich will pay the death benefit and investment value as policy term and condition, without any deduction from Bonus Top Up or Shopping Voucher.

H. Bonus Shopping Voucher is in denomination IDR50.000,00 or IDR100.000,00 and applied rounded down.

I. Shopping Voucher will be given to Policy Holders two weeks after the policy passed 22 days of free look period.

J. Beside direct gift, there are lucky draw in term of trip to Japan for 3 person include 1 partner. 

K. For every IDR10.000.000,00 APE, Policy Holder will get 1 point to be eligible in this lucky draw.

L. All the winners policy must be in inforce policy and there are no premium arrears. If not, Zurich have a right to cancel the winners and will have another draw.

M. The drawing will be conducted in March 2016.

N. Winners must show proof of a valid original identity (ID/passport/driving license/identification of other applicalbe).

O. Gift transferable but not refundable.

P. Zurich have right to change the terms and conditions of this program “Zurich Pro-Fit 8 Special Offers” with prior notice to the Policy Holders. Related to this lucky draw, Zurich will give notification to the Department of Social. 

Q. Zurich’s decision is final and binding and can not be tampered with. No correspondence in this regard. 

R. "Zurich Pro-Fit 8 Special Offers" does not apply to employees, marketers, and affiliate of Zurich.

S. Outside “Zurich Pro-Fit 8 Special Offers” the whole process of customer acceptance will be running normally by following the process and procedures that apply in PT Zurich Topas Life.