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Zurich Action Promises 250 for Travel Insurance is a program where you can test our service commitment to you.

  • What does our promise mean to you?

    The promise is something we should prove to you, our valuable customers. With that in mind, we launched the ZAP 250 program, Zurich Action Promises 250 for Travel Insurance. This is a program where the travel policyholder, can test our commitment.

    This program is created with three important promises that we created specifically for you:

    Services Description  Claim
    Services Claim receipt confirmation 1 working day
    Confirmation Claim confirmation after all document are completed 3 working day
    Payment Claim settlement 7 working day 


    If we cannot keep the promises above, we will pay you a shopping voucher worth by Rp 250,000 as evidence of our commitment to you.

    With this, we are also grateful for your loyalty and trust in Zurich. Our extra service, for you, our valued customers.

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