Zurich Alert The Alert You Really Need

Jakarta records literally tens of thousands of fires, floods and accidents every year and sits in an area of high risk of natural disasters like earthquake and tsunami. Wouldn't it be great if you could easily get a notification if one of these events or others which could endanger your property or your life occurred near you, your place of business or even your children's school or other place important to you and those you love?  Well now, for anyone with a smart phone (and that means over 130 million of you in Indonesia) it is possible thanks to Zurich and Z-Alert.  It is simple, easy, quick and FREE.  All you need to do is down load the app via the link below and register yourself and the places you want to monitor.  Keep the app open in the background and it will send you alerts in case of an incident near you or the places you have registered.  You can even get advice on how to protect yourself and your property.  We at Zurich developed Z-Alert as our gift to the citizens of greater Jakarta as part of our commitment to the community and celebration of 25 years in Indonesia (our parent company is a bit older - over 140 years, actually.  Z-Alert is also linked to our program of Flood Resilience and a million 5-year commitment to helping Indonesia better prepare and deal with flooding. Learn more about Zurich Indonesia here, our Zurich Group here and our work in Flood Resilience with the International Federation of the Red Cross and PMI here

You probably get hundreds of updates and alerts on your mobile phone every day.  If you are like us you get lots of social media feeds and alerts every day and have dozens of Apps entertaining you.  Most, of the feeds are fun social things or news but nothing urgent.  Z-Alert is different.  It is the alert you really need.  A Z-Alert can help you protect yourself and your property. It could, literally save your life.  Alerts come from our professional Customer Care Center team members who work 24/7/365 monitoring the Jakarta situation and posting alerts only after they are verified by reliable sources.  Z-Alert is available on Apple Store  and on Google Play for Android phones. Download your copy of the app today and start protecting yourself and the people and places you love.  Brought to you by Zurich in celebration of  our 25 years of protecting Consumers and businesses large and small. 

DOWN LOAD FOR ANDROID  http://bit.ly/ZurichAlert
DOWNLOAD FOR APPLE http://bit.ly/ZurichAlert6