Our Promise to You

Our passion is protecting those that we truly love, which is you.

We channel our passion into understanding, managing and minimising risks. Since 1872, we’ve prided ourselves on really getting to know you and what you truly value, so we can create the best protection to suit your passion. Rest assured, we are here for you, putting you and those you truly love ahead in everything we do. We strive to support you by creating products that suit your passion, and provide you solutions that fit your unique needs.

In embracing our basic values – Integrity, Customer Centricity, Teamwork, Excellence and Sustainable Value Creation – about 55,000 Zurich employees around the world are linked in a collective commitment to excellence and integrity in all that we do.
  • Our Commitment
    We are committed to delivering the best customer experience, by hearing you out and providing you the right solutions, news and updates. As such, we made it easy to get in touch with us
  • Our Service Excellence Standard
    At Zurich, we take your feedback seriously. If we have not met your expectations, please let us know and we will work with you to enhance your overall experience in dealing with us. Likewise, if we have exceeded your expectations, we’d be glad to hear about it too. Whatever your feedback, it is important to us as it will help us continue to serve you better. Here are our service standards:

    Walk-in to Branches
    Customers can expect to be attended to within 15 minutes.

    As a rule of thumb, we practice First Call Resolution, whereby no follow-up is required and responses are instantaneous.
    However, in instances where follow-ups are required, customers can expect a resolution within 2 working days.

    Email, Website, Letter or Fax
    All correspondence will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. For all non-complex enquiries, customers can expect responses within 7 working days from the date of receipt. On the other hand, we will keep customers updated on the progress of complex enquiries, which may require some time for investigation.
  • Our Claims Management Process

    We will do our best to settle justified claims promptly through standardised procedures in our claims administration. Our claims process is dependent on the sufficiency of the documentation submitted by the claimant. Details of our claims procedure are as follows:

    Life Insurance Claims

    • Claims registration: once complete documentation is received (stamped receipt)
    • Assessment of claims will be done within 5 working days and customers will receive a progress update within 14 working days.
    • Zurich will issue relevant cheques within 3 days from the receipt of advice for payment of offer and customers will receive the cheque within 4 days from the cheque issuance date.

    General Insurance Claims

    • Claims registration: once complete documentation is received (stamped receipt)
    • Assessment of claims will be done within 7 days and customers will receive a progress update within 7 working days.
    • Zurich will issue relevant cheques within 14 days from the receipt of acceptance of offer and customers will receive the cheque within 4 days from the cheque issuance date.
  • Our Complaints Management Process
    As our measure of dedication to you, we handle every complaint as a top priority, we treat them confidentially and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible. We acknowledge the importance of every complaint and use them as an opportunity to learn how to improve our services in all aspects of the customer experience.

    For any policy-related complaint or dispute, please get in touch with our Customer Care team, who is available to assist you between 8:30AM and 5:30PM, from Mondays to Fridays, (except during public holidays).
  • Details Of Your Enquiries / Complaints

    It is important that you provide us with as detailed information as possible to allow us to work quickly to resolve your issue.
    When you contact us, be sure to provide the following:

    Account Information
    full name, policy number or account number or ID.

    Contact Details
    mobile phone number or other preferred method of contact (house number, alternate mobile phone number, email, etc.). If you wish to be called only at certain hours, be sure to inform us.

    Complaint Information
    details of your complaint: what your complaint is about, what happened, when did it happen and who was involved. If you have evidence to support your complaint, please also include it.

  • Anti Fraud Protection

    Zurich is committed to fraud control by placing a great emphasis on proactive prevention measures. This includes the enforcement of stringent detection policies and procedures to reduce the possibility of fraudulency. Our fraud controls focus on maintaining a legal and ethical climate which encourages all stakeholders to protect the Company’s assets and flag any suspicion of fraud.

    Fraudulent activity with regards to insurance is defined as a person who knowingly acted with the intent to defraud any insurance company or any other person either by means of:

    • Concealing or withholding information concerning any material fact in order to obtain an insurance policy or benefit under an insurance policy; or
    • Submitting an application for insurance or claim containing any false information.

    Zurich Insurance Indonesia has zero tolerance for fraud in every way. Thus, when a fraud is detected, suspected or alleged, we are committed to fully investigate the matter through our elaborate procedures to prevent, detect and respond to any fraudulent activity. We will work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that justice is served. We will also implement measures to recover as well as to minimise losses. We may pursue legal action to recover any loss incurred and/or take the necessary steps to enable the authorities to initiate prosecution of any fraudulent insurance act, in order to safeguard the interest of the Company and its stakeholders, including its policy owners.

  • Personal Data Protection & Privacy

    Your privacy is important to us, which is why we put great emphasis to ensure your personal data under our care, is safe and secured. We have developed a privacy policy that covers how we use, process, disclose, safeguard and retain personal data. All of which are in accordance to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) and the laws of Indonesia.

    We have also implemented security measures to protect any form of unauthorized access, which could result in alteration, destruction or theft of data or compromise the confidentiality of our customer’s data.

    • your personal information will only be used by Zurich’s authorized personnel in the course of processing and administering your insurance policy.
    • your data will never be shared with another party that is not authorized by Zurich to process or administer your policy.
  • Other Key Points To Remember For Your Policy
    To help you make the right decision to protect those you truly love, we have included a few steps to guide you. Nothing satisfies us more than knowing we have played a pivotal role in helping you with your policy. Our relationship with you is built on a platform of mutual trust and respect.

    15-day Cooling Off Period (Free-Look Period)
    This period starts from the date you first receive your new policy document. If for some reason you wish to cancel your policy, you may return the policy for cancellation within 15 days from the date you first received the policy document, to which your full premium will be refunded. Please inform us of your decision in writing.

    Comprehensiveness and Transparency in Product Information
    We are committed at all times to ensure all information and disclosure of our products and services are fair, accurate and comprehensive. We are also committed at all times, to portray our products and services in a clear, easily understood and in no way is deceptive, misleading or falsely represented manner.

    Policy Servicing Disclaimer
    We reserve the right to accept or reject an application to purchase our product. We will inform the applicant of the rejection and will also state the grounds for rejecting the application within 10 working days from the date of complete documents received.