Global Community Week 2016

May 25, 2016

Zurich Indonesia Employees Participated in the Success of Global Awareness Action

[JAKARTA] Zurich Indonesia employees is again participating in the traditional Global Community Week (GCW) program. This year, the annual event which held by Zurich all over the world has a special theme: Community Flood Resilience (CFR), a community based flood risk management.

“Flood Resilience is the GCW theme for this year. This theme is motivated by severe increase of flood risk all over the world. This raise a big attention to find practical methods to overcome the flood risk” said President Director of PT Zurich Topas Life Peter Huber in Tugu Utara village, Cisarua, Bogor, Thursday (26/5)

In relation with the theme, Zurich Indonesia, which consists of PT Zurich Topas Life and PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, held three activities in two areas within two days. The first activity was held on 25th May in Kelurahan Bukit Duri, South Jakarta through flood disaster and health socialization to schools. The next two activities are going to be held simultaneously on 26th May in Tugu Utara Village, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java, through the operation of waste management and the construction of 200 bio-pore holes “All of these activities are supported by Zurich employees in Indonesia. They act not only as volunteers but they’re also the facilitators in each of the activities” he said.

President Director of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, Philippe Danielski, stated “Zurich gives our employees a means to give back to the community through this program”. He explained, GCW is one of the seven pillars of Zurich Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. According to him, in this program, employees are given the opportunity use their work hours to give back to the community. They give time, money, and resources that they have to help minimize flood risk.

Based on the record, last year, Zurich employees in 48 countries donated more than US $ 1.4 million or approximately IDR 18.2 billion and 31,000 hours of work for the social program. In Indonesia, the employees of Zurich Indonesia have been implementing Flood Resilience program since 2013.

In Indonesia, flood resilience program is implemented with the cooperation between PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and the International Federation of Red Cross
and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). In 2015 alone, PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia contributed Rp 50 million and more than 2000 work hours of its employees. This year, the activities in this CSR program will be funded through the financial mechanism that is in accordance with PMI procedures and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

This GCW activities are also funded through internal donations from Zurich employees and Zurich Foundation. Several fundraising activities conducted by employees such as Coffee to Share where Zurich Indonesia management served coffee to its employees as barista, Garage Sale on 18 and 25 May, and Pin for Jeans where employees who buy the pin can wear jeans from May 18 until June 17, 2016. The total funds for the program this year is almost Rp 100 million. "This program aims to promote knowledge, develop experts, and strong designs that can be applied to help customers and society to reduce the devastating flood impact for not just the next 5 years but our expectation is that the effect will be beneficial for the people of Indonesia in the long run", said Philippe Danielski. Empowerment Alhtough held separately in two places, three of the following activities have relevance in empowering citizens to flood prevention: 1. Flood management education The first activity was held on 25th May 2016 where Zurich employees socialize disaster and health learning materials and perform simulation in schools in Kelurahan Bukit Duri, South Jakarta. 2. Waste management All the activities were aimed at empowering local residents to reduce the risk of flood threats. "An example of empowerment is to teach the community how to process waste in a good manner. They are no longer littering rivers that eventually could lead to flooding" Philippe added. Garbage is the remains of an item that is no longer usable. Inadequate facilities for waste processing is a common occurrence where there are limited number of public trash cans in the village and low awareness of society to trash issues. It can be seen from people who do not do trash-sorting, dispose them anywhere or directly into the river. Organic waste, non-organic, dry and wet garbage when all mixed into one trash would cause odor. The fluid that is in the trash will invite a lot of flies and these flies will cause many diseases. In addition, the disposal of garbage into the river will reduce the capacity of the river to withhold rain-water or water from upstream. "Trash will be a big problem as communities don’t have a good processing. That’s why, we need a good system in waste management, "said Peter. Moreover, waste processing can increase the economic value and usefulness. One of them is with plastic management machine, which will process waste plastics into shredded plastic to sell to a plastic factory to produce new goods. Here, he added, Zurich employees can act as a team collecting plastic waste and garbage processing machine operator. 3. Bio-pore holes The bio-pore hole construction is motivated by the decline of green open space that reduces water absorption. Based on the study by N. Dahlan (2004), the symptoms of current urban development have a tendency to minimize the open green space and reduce water absorption. Many vegetated lands converted into shops, housing, recreation, industry, and so on. Therefore, it is essential to find solutions to improve the water
absorption, one of them by making the bio-pores absorption holes. Bio-pore absorption hole is an appropriate and environmentally friendly technology to overcome flood.

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