Zurich Topas Life Launches The First Innovative Endowment Product in Indonesia

November 30, 2016

Jakarta, November 30, 2016 –Zurich Topas Life today announces its latest innovative endowment life insurance product namely Zurich Pro-Fit 8 (Zurich Protection & Benefit 8). The product is considered the first of its kinds in Indonesia’s market, as it offers the dual advantage of guaranteed returns  and potential investment gains from unit linked investment. Also the customer only needs to pay premiums for 8 years and receive 20 years of protection and benefits. Zurich Pro-Fit 8 is designed to fulfill the financial planning needs of its customers, whether it’s saving for a child’s education, planning for retirement or saving for a dream holiday. Zurich Pro-fit 8 is targeted to grasp Indonesia’s mass affluent and above customer segments.

Indonesia is a home for a rapidly growth mass affluent class. The group is currently reach 74 million individuals in Indonesia, and research from BCG predicted the number to be doubled by 2020. As those in this group begin to ramp up their spending in key segments, they also gain better understanding on financial planning, including protection and investment needs. This significant untapped demand serves as an opportunity for life insurance provider to increase the market penetration. Yet on the other hand, this is also a challenge to cope with, as there is still a wide protection gap to bridge and misconception of life insurance among the people.

“To bridge the protection gap of Indonesia’s mass affluent market, it is important to provide them with product and services that is suitable for their characteristics. The dynamicity of today’s lives creates their demands of products and services that are simple and complete, while at the same time is able to give confidence and peace of mind in planning their future. Zurich Pro-Fit 8 provides its customers with a combination of endowment and investment linked benefits, with three strengths to meet their needs, which are innovation, great value for money and safety & security, ” Peter Huber, President Director of Zurich Topas Life explained.

“Innovation, as it the first of its kinds offered to the market giving the dual advantages of guaranteed returns and potential investment gain through investment in unit linked funds. Great value for money, as consumers only pay 8-years of premiums for a 20-years of protection and benefits. It also provides clear guarantees returns of 270% of total basic sum assured over the full life of the contract.  Lastly, safety and security, as it includes coverage for both death and total and permanent disability (TPD) over the life of the contract. With the innovation and quality of services and that we offer, we are confidence that the product will be a great contribution to our whole businesses in Indonesia,” Peter added.

It is available for customers from a range of age from 15 days to 59 years old, with premium starts from 10 million rupiah per year. Until period of 31 January 2017, Zurich Topas Life offers Pro-Fit 8 customers with direct rewards of top up bonus and shopping voucher. There is also grand prize drawing for three lucky winners for a couple trip to Japan.

For further information about Pro Fit 8 from Zurich Topas Life, customers can also contact Zurich call center at (021) 1500-987 or email to customercare.indo@zurich.com. 

About Zurich Topas Life

Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) is part of the Zurich Group that has expanded its business in the life insurance industry in Indonesia since November 2010. ZTL’s multi-distribution strategy provides customers a variety of options to enjoy insurance products while making our presence more meaningful in serving customers from many segments. Supported by the Zurich Group with a solid financial strength and global experts in the insurance world, ZTL is committed to becoming the best life insurance company in Indonesia for customers, employees, shareholders and business partners.  PT Zurich Topas Life is a life insurance company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.