Z Alert: Zurich Bloggers Gathering dan Kompasiana

February 16, 2017

There is a number of ways can be done to determine the symptoms of disaster in a region. In addition to more sensitive to read the signs of nature, technological innovation was needed to know what kind of natural risks that will occur. Indonesia and their characteristics of prone areas caused of disaster. The occurrence of natural disasters in our country cannot be prevented, but the community can minimize the losses, both the loss of material and bodies. Technology can be an answer for this and to face of disaster. Our climatologically and geologically, Indonesia is located in a vulnerable area. This application-based technology innovation will be that you can stay and move safely.

Based on that, Zurich launched an app to help you access a variety of information. Now, our smartphones, you and more than 130 million other users in Indonesia, can protect loved ones with Zurich Alert or Z-Alert apps. Z-Alert is a mobile application that can be downloaded for free, citizens of Jakarta can access updated and complete information related to disasters such as floods, traffic accidents, fires, power outages, as well as accidents or other disasters.

If there is a disaster, the user will automatically receive a notification of a complete warning with the location where the disaster occurred including the distance of the user from the disaster location, even the depth of the flood water, so as to minimize the risk of loss due to the disaster significantly. For example, with Z-Alert's early warning system, the risk of loss caused by floods in the form of motor vehicle damage can be reduced by 50% and property damage by more than 25%. Even if your vehicle is broken on the go, you can search for the nearest workshop through this app.

This was stated by Wirahadi Suryana as Director of Corporate Commercial of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia when met bloggers from Kompasiana. He mentioned the importance of early warning especially for those who work in urban areas, because by utilizing technology such as Z Alert, people can quickly obtain information about accidents or disasters so they can freely choose another route if they need to travel somewhere. They can use Z Alert as a place where they provide information about the events or disasters around it.

Dian Wibowo, COO of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia added that Z Alert is currently only available for Jabodetabek. This app is easy to use, as well as available on Android or iOS. Motulz a prominent bloggers add, easily the public get and give information about the events or disasters around them will increase their profits because with just a touch of the finger then get more benefits.

Download the app soon at http://bit.ly/Z_Alert


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