Launch of Zurich Proteksi 8, an Intelligent Protection Solution for Millennials with 108% Guaranteed Return of Premium Paid

July 28, 2017

• Millennials are full of dream and passions. They need to set the foundation for a solid financial plan for their future and achieving their dreams. 
• However, risks and the importance of protection are among the last things they have in mind due to the low consumption on financial planning and protection among millennials
• Loss of income due to risk unawareness can cause great economic and personal hardship. Through Zurich Proteksi 8, Zurich aims to increase protection awareness among millennials, helping them to start thinking about life protection

Malang, July 27, 2017 – Today, Zurich Topas Life announces the launch of “Zurich Proteksi 8”, a modern life insurance that will provide millennials with affordable premium and give them 108% of their total premium payment after 8 years of coverage. Through this product, the company aims at penetrating the market of Indonesians aged between 18 years to 30 years, also known as the millennials. 

Data from Central Bureau of Statistics in 2015 showed that there were 84 million millennials in Indonesia, which is equivalent to approximately 50 percent of the total Indonesia working-age population. This generation is a huge potential market for the insurance industry to penetrate. However, in general, protection awareness among this generation is still low. Nielsen Global Research in 2015 further supported that millennial is the most underinsured generation. 

“Loss of income due to risk unawareness can cause great economic and personal hardship. At their ages, most of the millennials just started their career. They are full of dream and passions. Risk could be the last thing they have in mind, particularly as they are rarely exposed to information on financial planning programs or protection plans, “said Peter Huber, President Director of Zurich Topas Life. 
Thus, Zurich Topas Life is keen to tap into the millennial market as it sees an opportunity to increase this demographics awareness of protection through the right product. “We believe that protection should be intelligent. It has to deeply understand people’s need. Protection 8 is tailored made to best and innovatively meet the needs and characters of millennial, particularly as it comes with affordable premium and short-term commitment,” Peter said. 

Proteksi 8 also offers guaranteed return on premium. After the period of protection ends, customers will receive a total of 108% return based on the paid premium. With the affordable premium starting from Rp 50.000 monthly, Zurich aims to capture broader target market - especially for those without any insurance experience. 

The launch of Proteksi 8 also strengthens the company’s commitment to continuously increase protection and risk education of Indonesians. “Protection education is the key to bridge protection gap in Indonesia. We have been strategically educating market on the importance of protection through a series of campaign and community engagement. Through Proteksi 8, we want to help the millennials understand and protect themselves from risks, so that they can pursue their dream and passions more confidently,” Peter explained. 
For insurance in particular, the earlier a person starts to protect themselves, the more affordable the premium is with more comprehensive benefits. For example, purchasing an insurance at age 22 years old, will save more than 40% premium compared to the same plan at age 40. 

Proteksi 8 will provide young people will have an eye-opening experience of having their first life protection – giving a peace of mind, as well as to help equip them with better understanding on future financial planning. They can then further access other protection plans from Zurich Topas Life depending on their needs. 

During the Proteksi 8 launch, Yoga Surya Pratama, Owner of D’Konco Coklat Tempe, shared his views on the importance of insurance in supporting young entrepreneurs like him. 

“There are already plenty of life risks to bear by young people when they are either starting to work or establishing a business. Life protection helps a lot, giving us peace of mind when pursuing our dreams. Like most people at my age, I was not really thinking about protection. It was mostly because information on financial planning and protection is uncommon and not popular among the younger generation. Life insurance may be the last thing on our mind, though it’s definitely something that all millennials should consider in their financial plans,”

“It is really good to know a life insurance product like Zurich Proteksi 8, which was created with millennial characters in mind. I believe it will contribute to efforts to increase protection awareness among young entrepreneurs and professionals,” Yoga added.

Zurich Proteksi 8 can be purchased through the Zurich agency channel and will be available in its bancassurance channel in the next few months. 

For more information on Zurich Proteksi 8 from Zurich Topas Life, customers can contact Zurich call center at (021) 1500-987 or email to


About Zurich Topas Life

Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) is part of the Zurich Group that has expanded its business in the life insurance industry in Indonesia since November 2010. ZTL’s multi-distribution strategy provides customers a variety of options to enjoy insurance products while making our presence more meaningful in serving customers from many segments. Supported by the Zurich Group with a solid financial strength and global experts in the insurance world, ZTL is committed to becoming the best life insurance company in Indonesia for customers, employees, shareholders and business partners. PT Zurich Topas Life is a life insurance company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.


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