Zurich Topas Life Collaborates With PT. Melon Indonesia

July 7, 2017


Zurich Topas Life collaborates with PT. Melon Indonesia, which is one the leading subsidiaries of Telkom in terms of music. Melon’s business portfolio is music database and digital online application with musical content. Other than that, Melon works together with Telkomsel for Digital Music Content programs, including RBT Full Track music and Voice SMS platform. 

One of its products is “Momen”, Android based application. “Momen” is a competition based karaoke application, members can record video and audio so they can compete to be the best. 

Everyone who has downloaded the application deserves free Personal Accident insurance from Zurich Topas Life. This insurance is valid for 30 days since the e-policy issuance with maximum sum assured IDR 25.000.000.

To get further information regarding “Momen”, please download the application on Google Play or check @MelonIndonesia on Twitter and Instagram. 


For further information please contact: