Zurich Investa Plus, Just a one-time commitment for lifetime purpose, from Zurich Topas Life

June 19, 2017

  • As the consuming class grows, the demand for protection and financial planning solutions is rising among Indonesians
  • Zurich Investa Plus offers great investment potential, flexible premium payment and comprehensive range of protection riders
  • Zurich Investa Plus is different to traditional insurance plans, rather than being tied down to a set series of payments, the customer can choose if they want to pay more or less at their choice

Jakarta, 15June 2017 – Today, Zurich Topas Life introduces its latest product “Zurich Investa Plus”, a comprehensive insurance solution offering flexible premium payment with choice of investments and a broad range of protection riders. The product is designed to help customers plan for their financial future and protect the things they truly love.

Zurich sees demand for products that can offer lifetime value and protection but have more flexible premium payments terms to fit around a customer’s modern and busy lifestyles. “In this digital era where everything goes very fast, customers ask for flexibility and services on their timetable. Indonesians are becoming more sophisticated in handling their finances and look for services that can help them plan for a better future. Products that combine investment and protection features have gained popularity as a long-term financial planning among Indonesians,” said Peter Huber, President Director of Zurich Topas Life.

There is a large insurance gap in the Indonesian market. However, as the rapid expansion of middle and affluent classes in Indonesia, the awareness on protection needs and financial planning has been rising. Based on McKinsey Report in 2016, between 2010 and 2030, the consuming class in Indonesia is expected to grow from 45 million to 135 million whilst current insurance penetration is only around 1.5 percent.

Peter believes that insurance solutions are a large opportunity in this country. To keep up with the evolving risks faced by Indonesians, insurance companies have a responsibility to continuously innovate and offer relevant solutions to help people understand and mitigate those risks.

“Zurich’s mission is to help people understand and protect against risk.  Our mission is particularly important in Indonesia where the gap in understanding and the need for protection from numerous risks is so huge. A smart combination of investment and protection, Zurich Investa Plus was developed by Zurich based on those considerations. It helps customers and their family to be well-protected and financially secured through a flexible and complete solution. Minimum one-time commitment for lifetime purpose,” Peter added.

Zurich Investa Plus is targeted to Indonesia’s affluent market and above. Through the product, Zurich Topas Life offers three key benefits that allow their customers to better plan their financial plan and future goals. Firstly, it offers a great potential investment value. Customers can grow their investment with five selection of funds selection based on their risk profile and needs. Secondly, the product is designed to offer flexible premium payment. After the initial premium customers can choose how much and how often they want to contribute, even if they only pay one premium they can still enjoy lifetime coverage. Thirdly, Zurich Investa Plus provides the option of adding additional protection benefits including Critical Illness, Accident coverage, or Hospital and Surgical rider.

The launch of Zurich Investa Plus is also a part of the company strategy to grow by providing a wide range of relevant, tailor made products and services to protect our customers simply and smartly. “We believe that protection should be intelligent, it has to deeply understand people’s need. Thus, we are confident that Zurich Investa Plus will positively contribute to the overall company’s performance this year,” Peter said.

Zurich Investa Plus is available for policyholders start from 18 years old, with initial premium starts from IDR 15,000,000, then additional premiums from IDR 5,000,000 if the customer chooses.  

As part of Zurich Investa Plus promotions, a lucky draw will be held until September 31, 2017. The prize will be a trip to Japan for 2 winners and their spouse.  All purchase of Zurich Investa Plus with minimum premium of Rp 10 million and its multiples are eligible to participate in the lucky draw.

This product is also supported by Zurich Pro, a digital sales platform that was recently launched by Zurich Topas Life. This is a complete end to end digital solution for our sales forces in agency and banks. It covers the entire sales process from CRM, product information, product illustration, policy submission, and even online payment. Through Zurich Pro, our sales force can now provide easier access to product and service knowledge for ZTL’s customers.

Zurich Investa Plus can be purchased through Zurich agency channel. For further information about Zurich Investa Plus from Zurich Topas Life, customers can also contact Zurich call center at (021) 1500-987 or email to customercare.indo@zurich.com.

About Zurich Topas Life

Zurich Topas Life (ZTL) is part of the Zurich Group that has expanded its business in the life insurance industry in Indonesia since November 2010. ZTL’s multi-distribution strategy provides customers a variety of options to enjoy insurance products while making our presence more meaningful in serving customers from many segments. Supported by the Zurich Group with a solid financial strength and global experts in the insurance world, ZTL is committed to becoming the best life insurance company in Indonesia for customers, employees, shareholders and business partners.  PT Zurich Topas Life is a life insurance company registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority.

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