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The story starts with a deep dive into our history and an honest view from our people. Our employees have told us what our company stands for and defined our DNA as intelligent protection. We are here to help customers understand and protect themselves from risk by providing the intelligent protection they need and value. Rooted in our Zurich Basics and the Zurich Commitment, it is the authentic truth that has been and always will be at the heart of our brand. The story is also about how we evolve towards a more customer-centric organization through a strong brand. It describes how we connect emotionally to our customers and the unique way we express our brand and communicate externally. By doing the right things, we will better connect our company to all our audiences, strengthen our brand value and ultimately our business results. So in the end the Zurich story is about achieving our ambition of being the best global insurer as measured by our customers, our people and our shareholders and therefore the best global insurance brand. 


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